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Greenberg, Ben. Natural Virginia. This luscious book of panoramic Virginia landscapes is sure to make a hit, whether you give it as a gift or just set it on the coffee table for guests to peruse. Actual images are about 5 1/4 by 15 inches and range by section from Tidewater through Piedmont to western Virginia with its mountains and valleys and depict all seasons in glorious color. The book itself is about 10 x 18. Hardcover. 240pp. $59.95.


Taking The Long Wide View

from the August issue of Virginia Living Magazine

A new panoramic book captures the many landscapes of Virginia.

In his new photography book published this spring, Natural Virginia, Ben Greenberg describes staking out a spot on the James River near Pony Pasture in early morning darkness and spotting a Great Blue Heron fishing in the rapids. He snapped a picture in the rising pre-dawn mists, hoping the image would capture the sharp grace of the heron against the pale blue of the coming sunrise.

The image of the heron on the James is now the cover photo for the book, and, says 66-year-old Greenberg, his “favorite photo of all time.”

After graduating from the University of Virginia in 1969, Greenberg worked as an event and portrait photographer. During a visit to Maine’s Acadia National Park in 1998, he decided he would begin to focus exclusively on landscape photography.

Natural Virginia, Greenberg’s first published book, features a collection of 122 panoramic photographs of Commonwealth landscapes. The extra-wide book opens vertically, inviting readers into the moonlit beaches of Tangier, the fiery profusion of autumn leaves in Albemarle county, the moss-slick falls of Fauquier.

The book is clearly a celebration— a meditative, reverent appreciation of the state’s natural bounty.


Article in The Roanoke Times by George Kelly

Book review: Photographer shows eye for Virginia's beauty


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I am featured in an article titled Virginia photographer publishes book celebrating the natural landscapes of the Commonwealth By Brennan Long

Across the Pond!

I am being featured on an Australian arts website called Zoneone Arts. They saw my work at C'ville Arts and asked me if I would provide them with some of my photos and information about the photos to be featured on their website. You can read the story here


Article in the Charlottesville Daily Progress 

I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you the following article that appeared in this morning's Charlottesville Daily Progress on my book, Natural Virginia. It is a wonderful article and I couldn't be more pleased with it. The only thing I regret is that the two panoramas from the book that were included in the article were not part of the digital version that is reproduced below. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the article:



The following is an interview of me by Sandy Hausman on WVTF public radio

Read the story and listen to the interview


Press release

Ben Greenberg truly captures the natural beauty and remarkable diversity that we treasure and work so hard to preserve throughout Virginia.”

Michael Lipford, Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy of Virginia



Panoramic Photographs by Ben Greenberg


A century ago, legendary photographer Edward Curtis set out to capture the traditional world of Native Americans before that world vanished. Now, Ben Greenberg has done the same for the natural areas of Virginia. Devoted to preserving and celebrating Virginia’s diverse but sometimes threatened natural richness, Greenberg has spent years creating a collection of more than one hundred stunning images that range from the Commonwealth’s most well-known to its rarely explored landscapes. By framing all of these photographs—whether of the Shenandoah Valley in full fall blaze or of Tidewater piers in the afterglow of sunset—as panoramas, Greenberg heightens the drama and immediacy of the moment, forging an enduring composite portrait that captures Virginia’s natural heritage while reminding us of its fragility. Read more or download a Word file.


From Chuck Epes' review of Natural Virginia on his Cheseapeak Bay blog.

"Nearly every page prompts a “wow” or a smile or a memory. Like a fine painting, the images demand that you linger and study their composition, texture, and detail."  

Click to read the full review.


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